TBS Today, Aug. 21

Hot off the presses: Police are investigating an attempted carjacking in the Berkeley Hills on Monday shortly before 5 p.m.

There have already been at least 17 carjackings in Berkeley in 2023, up significantly from historic averages.

Attempted armed carjacking in the Berkeley Hills
There have already been at least 17 carjackings in Berkeley in 2023, up significantly from historic averages.

We also shared the news today about gunfire on Blake Street on Sunday afternoon involving a bystander who tried to intervene in an argument between a man and woman, authorities report.

No one was hurt, but the shooting happened blocks from two block parties (complete with bouncy houses) underway at the same time.

Mid-afternoon gunfire amid argument Sunday in Berkeley
A man “pulled out a gun and shot at the victim repeatedly” when a bystander tried to intervene in an argument, police said. No one was hurt.

The TBS gunfire map is also fully updated. Bookmark it for the most authoritative information on Berkeley shootings and gunfire.

Berkeley gunfire map: Shootings and gunfire in 2023
As of Aug. 21, Berkeley has had 21 shootings in 2023, including one on the freeway. Five people had been wounded. None were fatal.

We have bigger stories in the works but sometimes the neighborhood news keeps us busy.

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