TBS Today, Aug. 8

Another busy day coming right up so we'll just get straight to the news.

Thank goodness it's not a council night too! (They're on recess until September.)

Driver crashes into Fournée, beloved Berkeley bakery
There were no injuries. The crash caused only cosmetic damage, police said, shattering the front window and door of the popular French bakery.
Pak Ho robbery-murder trial: DA’s office reduces charges
“He was a neighbor. He was a father. And he was loved,” prosecutor Peter McGuiness told the jury. But, to his killers, he was “an easy mark.”
3 arrested, guns found; women robbed: Berkeley crime roundup
The robberies happened Saturday, one in the Claremont neighborhood and the other in South Berkeley. In one, a 79-year-old woman was targeted.

In case you missed it

Berkeley injury crashes involving only drivers are up 41%
Injury collisions involving pedestrians fell slightly and those involving cyclists were essentially flat, according to new Berkeley traffic data.
After sex crime attack on UC Berkeley student, man held to answer
Felony sex crimes are up 51% in Berkeley this year according to the latest BPD data. Many of the incidents are concentrated around UC Berkeley.
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