TBS Today, Sept. 10

Well, we didn't make the Stroll due to stories that needed doing, but we hope those who did had a wonderful time.

We spent much of Saturday in the blazing heat out in East Oakland at a community rally about neighborhood safety and then at a public safety forum. Story in the works.

In the meantime, we caught up on several incidents of concern in Berkeley since Friday.

Women targeted in Berkeley carjacking, carjacking attempts
There have been several armed robberies and attempted robberies over the weekend, including a carjacking Sunday morning.
Berkeley PD: DUI cyclist hits car, breaks leg at Marin Circle
Police said the cyclist came down the steep hill on Marin Avenue without a helmet and was blowing stop signs “at a high rate of speed.”

In case you missed it

A teenage boy killed an innocent girl. The DA wants him freed.
The probation department says the Lilron Jones case should go back to adult court. The Alameda County DA’s office says it disagrees.
Berkeley SCU, a crisis team without cops, starts Tuesday
Dial 510-948-0075 to reach the Specialized Care Unit, a new team slated to serve anyone in Berkeley in need of free crisis support.
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