TBS Today, Aug. 30

Do you ever have those weeks where all the small things get in the way of the big things? That seems to be the shape of things for us right now.

Still: We have a number of news tidbits for you.

First, an update on yesterday's robbery arrests on Fresno: We learned that it all started in Oakland when a man robbed two women, ages 95 and 73, near the Morcom Rose Garden.

We've updated our story with what we know and are still looking into several related stories.

UPDATE: 2 arrested in North Berkeley after helicopter search
Police said one of the men turned out to have a Berkeley robbery warrant and that officers found at least one firearm in the car, which was stolen.

We also wrote about a woman whose purse was snatched while dining on College Avenue, a reported road-rage brandishing near Cal and a solo crash in North Berkeley that sent an Albany man to Highland.

They're all short pieces but we always try to include context where we can, including how incidents this year compare to last year at this time.

Today's news

Purse snatched from woman dining outside on College Ave.
The woman left her purse hanging on her chair while she ate. Police said the culprit walked by and snatched it, then took off running.
Road rage near Cal: Driver with gun threatens scooter rider
BPD said the scooter rider was using the bike lane to make his way toward UC Berkeley when the driver waved a pistol at him.
Man, 70s, extricated after solo crash in North Berkeley
Police believe he may have had a medical issue while driving.
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