TBS Today, Sept. 21

A woman working at Albany Toyota was killed by a man who opened fire at the business Thursday morning, authorities have confirmed.

The man was then killed during an exchange of gunfire with Berkeley police officers who were called by Albany PD to help with the critical response.

It was the first fatal Berkeley police shooting since 2010. The last one also had an Albany link.

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Suspect and woman dead after shooting at Albany Toyota
Witnesses at the scene said the man delivered coffee to the woman Thursday morning and then returned to the business and killed her.

Dispatches from the courtroom

Jarin Purvis was 28 years old when James Vega, also 28, shot him in the face while they hung out with friends in April 2020.

Vega was charged with murder and a serious gun enhancement in the months after the killing, which took place in Castro Valley. He was facing a possible prison sentence of at least 40 years to life.

Then, in June, Alameda County DA Pamela Price reduced the murder charge to involuntary manslaughter. She also dropped the gun enhancement.

She said the killing had been "clearly, a mistake."

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Under Pamela Price, his murder charge became manslaughter. Now he’s free
Alameda County DA Pamela Price said James Vega should not spend decades behind bars “for a tragic mistake.” Now he’s out after 2.5 years.

Body found in the bay

Authorities are investigating the discovery Wednesday of a body in the water near the Golden Gate Fields racetrack on the Albany-Berkeley border.

Body found in the water near Golden Gate Fields in Albany
Albany police recovered the body near the shoreline not far from 1100 Eastshore Highway at about 3:50 p.m.

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When the victim tried to flee, the tenant followed him into the hallway and shot him, police said, before calling BPD to report an attempted burglary.
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