TBS Today, Sept. 11

Today was a fascinating day but, as a result, the writing was slow. And hence this late report.

We began our week at the Juvenile Justice Center checking in on a new (old) case we plan to follow. Stay tuned.

Then we met with a community member who took neighborhood beautification efforts into her own hands when she couldn't get help from the city or university. That story is in the works.

In the midst of all that, we finished writing up our story from the weekend.

That's when hundreds of Oakland residents came out in force to express concern about rising crime and hear how officials aim to tackle the problem.

If you live in Oakland, find out how you can make your voice heard going forward.

And, if you're interested in DA Pamela Price, you'll have another chance this week to hear from her. Details in the story below.

Oakland crime concerns prompt community rally, church forum
Officials spoke candidly Saturday about the need to address lawless behavior and for people to get involved if they hope to see improvement.

In other news: The Berkeley City Council gets back from summer recess Tuesday night with its first regular meeting since July. See what's on the agenda.

And the Police Accountability Board has a special meeting Thursday (its regular meeting Wednesday has been canceled).

As usual, keep an eye out for our live tweets for meeting updates.

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In case you missed it

Berkeley PD: DUI cyclist hits car, breaks leg at Marin Circle
Police said the cyclist came down the steep hill on Marin Avenue without a helmet and was blowing stop signs “at a high rate of speed.”
Women targeted in Berkeley carjacking, carjacking attempts
There have been several armed robberies and attempted robberies over the weekend, including a carjacking Sunday morning.
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