TBS Today, June 2

Today we have some quick hits for you on Berkeley traffic safety.

We reported on a serious injury crash involving a motorcyclist this week as well as the latest injury collision data from BPD.

Berkeley motorcycle crash leaves man with serious injuries
The Oakley man was taken to the hospital with serious injuries but was expected to survive.
Injury crashes down 33% in Berkeley in first quarter of 2023
Berkeley had 104 injury collisions over the first three months of the year. Of those injury crashes, 19 involved pedestrians and 14 involved cyclists.

We also had the scoop on Thursday about an Alameda County Superior Court judge who was robbed of his Rolex in the parking lot for Oakland's main courthouse.

He was forced to lie on the ground and had a gun held to his head. A security guard who responded had a gun pointed at him as well.

We were told ACSO had deputies "all over the building" at Alcopark Garage on Friday.

Our Twitter scoop about the armed robbery went viral and was viewed more than 500,000 times.

Others reported the name of the judge who was robbed but we elected not to do so. We generally do not name crime victims unless they are homicide victims or sometimes after they testify in court.

Our feeling is that they've already been through enough and don't need the extra attention.

One reason we started The Scanner was to retain independence over what details to share and hold back. Generally, we try to give more information than you can find elsewhere. But, now and then, particularly when it comes to crime victims, we aim to be more judicious.

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Speaking of viral tweets, we broke a personal record with our post about Oakland's crime meeting this week. That tweet has been viewed more than 2.4 million times.

Today on Twitter we shared some stats about where prosecutors who have left the DA's office have gone, thanks to an office insider.

New people have been hired but, as another attorney points out, it's not just about filling seats.

On the subject of the DA's office, there were some major developments this week on the Delonzo Logwood case.

We learned today that a deal has been struck but won't be reviewed by a judge until later this month, after the prosecution can meet with the victim's family.

Pamela Price put out a statement in relation to the case but we're told by people familiar with the matter that it's rife with misstatements. We are working to learn more.

Price was briefly in the courtroom this week for the Logwood matter, but she left — surrounded by the large security detail she often has with her — and declined to speak to the media.

In case you missed it

Logwood case: DA’s office drops 2 murder counts, 1 remains
Judge Mark McCannon will stay on the case despite efforts by DA Pamela Price and the defense to remove him.
Rising Oakland crime draws fervent pleas for city action
Violence against women was a recurrent theme throughout the night: “Women are being assaulted. Let’s not sugarcoat this,” one woman said.
Woman in her 70s robbed by kids outside Berkeley police station
Police arrested a 12-year-old and several others. BPD also investigated an armed robbery and a carjacking near campus over the weekend.
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