TBS Today, May 23

Today we stepped outside Berkeley to share some details that had not been reported elsewhere about a violent robbery Sunday outside Market Hall.

To close that loop, we then reported on an OPD announcement about a big break in that investigation.

We also wrote about a recent sex crime case in Berkeley, with major felony charges filed this week, as well as a suspicious circumstance Monday in South Berkeley.

That call was initially reported as a shooting but it sounds like the circumstances may be more complicated. What's that they say about news stories being the first draft of history? That may well prove true in this case.

We're back in court this week on the Jasper Wu case, which should wrap up soon, at least for the time being. Details are forthcoming.

Today's news

OPD links 9-person robbery crew, ages 12-17, to 35 holdups
OPD said several different robbery crews have been “brazenly victimizing individuals at alarming rates” in recent weeks.
OPD announces arrest after Market Hall beating, robbery
North Oakland Councilmember Dan Kalb is holding a meeting about crime and violence next Tuesday, May 30.
Berkeley man charged with sexual abuse of girl for years
Javier Castellanos-Herrera was charged with eight felonies, including the continuous sexual abuse of a child.
Man found in Berkeley with gunshot wound to the leg
Police are still working to determine what unfolded prior to the shooting and exactly where it took place.
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