TBS Today, May 1

Back in court today on the Jasper Wu case, which will then be in recess until Thursday morning.

This afternoon we're hearing from a San Francisco gang expert. The prosecution has to establish gang membership if they want the gang charges to stand.

Today's story on The Berkeley Scanner sheds new light on the recent sex crime series at UC Berkeley.

Charges were filed Friday in Alameda County against Daniel Condronimpuno.

Court records shed new light on UC Berkeley sex crime series
UCPD has linked Daniel Condronimpuno with nine attacks from April 2 through April 11, new court papers show.

Getting over yet another cold but we'll be back at 100% in the coming days — we hope!

In case you missed it

The East Bay Times picked up our story from Friday over the weekend. Don't miss our original report.

BPD: Former sex offender took photos of kids while working at Berkeley grocery store
Anthony Calica followed and photographed children in the grocery store where he worked and took “up-skirt” photos of women, police say.
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