TBS Today, April 17 (!)

Folks, we've gone about the week thinking we shared this newsletter with you days back.

But there it was, sitting in drafts, all ready to go but somehow unsent.

This may largely be old news, but consider this a full issue of "in case you missed it," updated and refreshed.

We did go to court Wednesday for a big hearing on the Jasper Wu murder case. After waiting for hours, the hearing was postponed to next week. We'll be there.

We spent the next few hours in the clerk's office reviewing all kinds of court records. They are definitely getting to know us there.

Later in the day, we learned that the Santa Clara County DA's office had charged Daniel Condronimpino with six felonies, including three related to sexual assault. Authorities have linked him to sex crimes in Berkeley and Palo Alto. He's being held without bail.

We also had an absolutely lovely dinner with some of our members. These conversations are one of my favorite parts of the job.

We continue to feel so grateful for the many insights and ideas you have to share. The brain trust is astounding.

This week we sat down with the Berkeley Fire Department to get an update on some of its efforts. We got to meet its new spokeswoman, who will be announced soon.

We also heard from Caltrans about the story we wrote Sunday regarding a slow-to-launch traffic signal at Virginia and San Pablo Avenue.

Caltrans told us the signal should be working by the end of the week barring unforeseen circumstances. On Monday, we added that information to our story.

Pedestrian taken to hospital after Berkeley crash
Update: On Monday, Caltrans said the signal should be working by the end of the week barring unforeseen circumstances.

We also reported on a violent robbery over the weekend that happened just as a young woman was getting home.

Woman coming home violently robbed in central Berkeley
Several men approached the woman from behind on a flight of stairs and tried to take her backpack and cellphone, police said.

We shared the news Sunday night on Twitter that ADA Annie Esposito has resigned from the Alameda County DA's office.

She had recently been promoted to Pamela Price's senior leadership team after working in the office for decades.

Of about 135 prosecutors who worked in the DA's office last year, some two dozen left after the November election; six others are still on paid leave.

Price supporters say they are happy to see the turnover while others say the office has lost the bulk of its most veteran attorneys — which makes trying complex cases that much harder.

We have a lot of other reporting in the works about the DA's office. Stay tuned.

In other news, we spoke this week with Cal parents about ways they have been organizing to advocate for stepped-up safety around campus.

UC Berkeley parents launch SafeBears to promote safer Cal
“We want the administration to engage with us as real stakeholders dedicated to making Cal safer,” said SafeBears president Sagar Jethani.

Now be sure to head on over to The Scanner homepage for a special column published Thursday morning from an 82-year-old woman who was recently robbed in North Berkeley but somehow managed to find a silver lining.

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