TBS Today, April 19

Tuesday was packed, from a meet-and-greet over coffee with UCPD to a conversation with a local publisher about some of the joys and perils of launching a news site.

Then we rushed to a press conference in Hayward where we asked the DA's office some tough questions (story forthcoming) before dashing up to San Leandro to attend two separate hearings in juvenile court.

In between all that, we finished a story about a new Berkeley nonprofit called SafeBears formed by Cal parents who want to advocate to increase safety in the city.

SafeBears is open to everyone who shares that mission. See the story below for details on how to join.

Later in the night, we wrote about a house fire on Kains and a potentially major development in the Angel and Jazy murder case.

You heard it here first.

All three stories are TBS scoops (but it's always gratifying to see which news outlets follow our lead).

We're proud to be your best source for Berkeley public safety news.

Today we're slated to be in court all day following the Jasper Wu case. But you never know what might happen.

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The latest news

DA asks to move ‘Angel and Jazy’ murder case to adult court
The defense said it learned about the DA’s motion for the first time Tuesday in open court.
2-alarm house fire on Kains Avenue in North Berkeley
There were initial reports that an elderly man was trapped inside the home but firefighters determined that was not the case.
UC Berkeley parents launch SafeBears to promote safer Cal
“We want the administration to engage with us as real stakeholders dedicated to making Cal safer,” said SafeBears president Sagar Jethani.

In case you missed it

Woman coming home violently robbed in central Berkeley
Several men approached the woman from behind on a flight of stairs and tried to take her backpack and cellphone, police said.
Outcry over Jasper Wu ignites push to recall Pamela Price
Jasper was killed in his car seat in 2021 by a stray bullet from a “roving gun battle” on I-880. He was just 23 months old.
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