TBS Today, April 16

Today we have the news for you about yet another crash at San Pablo and Virginia, where traffic safety improvements have been planned for years but are still offline.

Pedestrian taken to hospital after Berkeley crash
On Sunday, community members said a traffic signal designed to make the busy intersection safer was still not working.

Yesterday's talk with Ovis went well. We mostly talked about local news.

But the recent SFGATE story came up and there were some pointed questions from DA Pamela Price supporters.

You can watch the video on YouTube if you're so inclined.

The Price campaign has continued its attack on reporters and has announced a rally next weekend on the courthouse steps to do just that: "Together, we can demand that the anti-Price media… stop lying and unjustly attacking the county's first Black woman District Attorney."

She specifically targets ABC7 and claims that the station and its allies "support policies that result in mass incarceration" and want to "tear down all the hard work DA Price has done in the first 100 days."

As previously noted, her office has never asked us for a correction about any of our reporting.

But the campaign seems to want to keep the media busy fending off baseless attacks to discourage us from telling the truth.

In case you missed it

Berkeley’s Cedar Market speaks out after delivery theft
“I just want to stop whatever is happening,” said market co-owner Preet Sandhu. “I want to feel safe.”
Reckless driver strikes car in Berkeley, sends man to ICU
The speeding driver, a 20-year-old Richmond man, ran a red light and had been going 90 mph, the authorities said.
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