The Scanner Today, Feb. 28

We were sad to report the news this morning that one of the contractors who was critically injured in the fire at Bayer last month has died.

Ben Casillas Jr. was the sole provider for his family. Fundraiser details are in the story below.

We also have a rather lengthy report on the man who was just charged with a hot prowl burglary series in Berkeley earlier this month.

He was out on bail from another hot prowl burglary case and had a long list of prior convictions and prison terms.

Stories like this take a lot of work, along with poring over reams of court papers, to try to paint a picture of what can be a complex situation.

Let's get right to it.

Today's news

Flooring contractor dies weeks after fire at Bayer Berkeley
Ben Casillas Jr. had been working as a contractor on a flooring project at Bayer when the fire broke out six weeks ago.
Felon, 61, charged with Berkeley ‘hot prowl’ burglary series
Tyrone Brown has been charged with felonies linked to four Berkeley households over less than a week, according to court papers.

In case you missed it

Last night on Twitter readers shared their photos and videos of hail (graupel?), and today we were treated to a rainbow.

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