The Scanner Today, Feb. 13

Today we have an exclusive update on the fire at Bayer last month that caused serious injuries to two flooring contractors.

Details below, including links to fundraisers for both men.

We also have a retail theft story related to recent crimes at The North Face Outlet.

For those interested in the subject of retail theft, New York Magazine recently tackled it. It's a great read (and also a great listen if you're on the Audm app, which we highly recommend).

Today we had the pleasure of speaking to the Claremont Park Book Club about The Berkeley Scanner.

If you're part of a group that would like to hear more about our work, please let us know.

Today's news

Berkeley Bayer fire cause still unknown; fundraisers ongoing
Fundraisers have been launched for both men, who were flooring contractors working at a Bayer building under renovation.
Police: Man hit North Face twice in 1 day, took $5,500 in goods
The shop did not report the theft during the first incident because it’s so commonplace, authorities said.

DA's office coverage

The San Francisco Chronicle spoke to one of the mothers connected to the murder case we covered last week. In case you missed it, our story from last week is below.

Attorneys announce unprecedented deal in Oakland murder case
Delonzo Logwood had potentially been facing a sentence of 75 years to life had he been convicted.

The mother was not at the hearing we wrote about, but she did have strong feelings on the matter. Don't miss The Chronicle's story. Hopefully it's not stuck behind a paywall.

‘It’s unjust’: Mother of man slain in Oakland carjacking reacts to D.A.’s deal to drop murder charge
The mother of a man killed during an Oakland carjacking in 2008 was angered and...

Seeing other news sites pick up the threads of our reporting is always edifying. We hope to see that continue. And we're continuing to follow many threads ourselves. There's a lot to dig into.

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