TBS Tonight: Teen hurt amid fights downtown Friday

The only problem with sending morning headlines is that more news may come up in the day.

As it turns out, downtown Berkeley got busy on Friday and we wanted to make sure you had the scoop.

First: We had multiple inquiries about violence downtown that reportedly sent a teenager, possibly a high school student, to the hospital.

We are awaiting confirmation from BUSD, which has not responded to inquiries.

But here's what we've been able to glean so far.

Berkeley High Spirit Day: Fights downtown, teenager hurt
One parent said the argument may have begun as a verbal dispute over egging and that the injured teen may have been punched in the head.

We also got inquiries about police activity at BART, which saw major delays this afternoon after an alleged shoplifter tried to escape from police via the downtown Berkeley BART tunnel.

Officers ultimately arrested the man without incident, BPD said.

Here's what we know based on preliminary reports.

Berkeley BART arrest delays Richmond line trains
Police said the incident began as a theft at Target but escalated when the suspect ran into downtown Berkeley BART and jumped onto the tracks.

Let's hope that's all the excitement for today. Wishing everyone a great weekend.

In case you missed it

Our court story this morning has generated a lot of responses, particularly from people who were concerned about how the prosecutor handled the case.

Brian Varghese is a Pamela Price hire who came on with Otis Bruce Jr. from Marin County earlier this year.

We think it's a must-read.

Berkeley sex crime attack near Cal: Suspect held to answer
Police say Wilmer Guerra Peña jumped out of the bushes and attacked an exchange student, carrying her toward the open trunk of his car.
Police: ‘Peeping Tom’ filmed young women near UC Berkeley
Berkeley police said they found 23 videos on the suspect’s cellphone showing five women who had been filmed.

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