TBS Today, Aug. 19

About 40 people rallied Saturday on the main courthouse steps in Oakland to demand the recall of DA Pamela Price and justice for loved ones who died due to gun violence.

Many of the rally participants were linked to six Alameda County homicide victims whose family members said they have been frustrated by case outcomes under DA Price or are concerned about what's to come.

Homicide victim families demand recall of DA Pamela Price
“As a mother, I cannot accept this,” one woman said. “How can you protect your community if you’re going to do that?”

We're also working to find out about a disturbing incident this afternoon on Sacramento Street in Berkeley.

Stay tuned for those details.

Tyler Hoare memorial, art shows

On Sunday, we'll be attending a memorial for mudflat artist Tyler Hoare who died earlier this year at age 82.

Hoare was a local treasure and we had the honor of meeting him and writing about his incredible life nearly 10 years ago for Berkeleyside.

Decades on, the man who puts the Red Baron in the bay
For nearly four decades, Berkeley artist Tyler Hoare has been adding a bit of whimsy to the East Bay waterfront with his salvaged wood creations: some 30 large sculptures including airplanes inspired in part by Snoopy comics; a submarine, a pirate ship, a viking ship, and a ‘King Tut ship’ with a go…

The memorial is being held Sunday from 1-3 p.m. at The Compound Gallery, 1339 61st St. in Emeryville. Hoare's work will be available for sale, in part to benefit his family. He and his wife, who survives him, were longtime Berkeley residents.

Point Richmond Gallery is also having an exhibition of Hoare's work on Friday, Aug. 25, from 1-5 p.m.

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