TBS Today, May 5

We didn't get to touch base last night due to technical difficulties. So this morning's story is hot off the presses.

And it's a doozy.

Nearly two months after a commercial burglary on Gilman Street where $300,000 in "ancient coins, custom jewelry and precious metal" were stolen, Berkeley property crimes detectives say they recovered about one-third of the take in a mobile home parked just a block from the crime scene.

Five people are in custody.

Berkeley cops retrieve $100K in ancient coins after heist
Police say a group of homeless individuals — all but one of whom were on probation — stole the goods from Erez Ancient Coin Jewelry on Gilman.

On Thursday, we did attend a small rally outside the police station held by folks who want the City Council to put off its vote Tuesday to make Jen Louis BPD's permanent police chief.

Meanwhile, the Berkeley Police Association has announced its strong support for the Louis appointment.

We'll cover the meeting Tuesday night, likely with live tweets.

We also wrote about a Richmond man who is in custody this week in connection with two armed robberies in Berkeley on the same day in April: one near the Cal campus and one in southwest Berkeley, according to police and court records.

He's also suspected of following a woman in the Berkeley Hills — but police say a runner scared him off. Don't miss our exclusive report.

Berkeley police arrest man, 25, linked to armed robberies
Police wrote that cellphone data put Joseph Cardenas in the area of at least two robberies in Berkeley on April 22 and say witnesses also identified him.

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In case you missed it

Three ‘witches’ convicted in unusual Berkeley trial
In unorthodox proceedings before a federal judge, the defendants were found guilty of improper use of body parts.
Man smashes 8 windshields in Berkeley’s Elmwood district
The man told police he was angry and was taking his frustration out on inanimate objects, BPD said.
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