TBS Tonight, April 1

A quick news flash tonight.

It's been a busy weekend already for Berkeley police, with a hot prowl burglary and three robberies in just 16 hours — including one robbery where all three culprits had a gun, another where an 82-year-old woman had her purse snatched, and a third where the culprits ripped a cash register out through a drive-through window.

We have the exclusive on The Berkeley Scanner (TBS).

16 hours in Berkeley: 3 robberies and a hot prowl burglary
Robbers tore a purse from the hands of an 82-year-old woman. Other culprits ripped a cash register out of a McDonald’s drive-through window.

In other news, new Berkeley police patrol staffing begins Sunday. Numerous news outlets followed our coverage last week of the new beat map.

Fewer Berkeley police will be on patrol starting Sunday
Non-emergency calls, such as those that do not involve in-progress crimes, will likely see much slower response times, police say.
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