TBS Today, March 27

We've just published an exclusive story from a sentencing hearing Friday in a Berkeley murder case we've covered since the beginning.

The hearing was intense, with extensive comments from family members. The judge ultimately handed down a sentence of 35 years to life.

"The defendant displayed extreme callousness when he chose to confront an unarmed defenseless person sitting in his car and shoot him at point-blank range in front of his younger sister," Judge Rhonda Burgess said from the bench.

The defense argued that the lengthy sentence is not in line with DA Pamela Price's vision and said the defendant, who is 55, should be allowed some hope that he will one day be free. She said she plans to appeal the ruling.

We also have stories for you on two Berkeley crimes that generated concern in the community since last night.

And don't forget about Tuesday night's public safety town hall (details below). We look forward to hearing what the community has to say.

The latest news

Man gets 35 years to life in Berkeley road-rage murder
The killer had a chance to leave but “chose to escalate traffic conflict to murder,” the judge said Friday.
UC Berkeley student tries to sell Nikes, robbed at gunpoint
The victim, a Cal student in his 20s, had arranged to sell his Nikes — but the men who showed up to buy them robbed him instead, police said.
UC Berkeley police seek man in fedora hat who chased child
Police say the 9-year-old was able to escape after a brief chase at University Village in Albany.

In case you missed it

Berkeley public safety town hall Zoom comes Tuesday
Community members who are concerned about Berkeley crime are invited to a virtual town hall meeting Tuesday night.
Shootings near me in Berkeley: The 2023 gunfire map
One person has been wounded due to a shooting in Berkeley in 2023. There have been no fatal shootings.
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