The Scanner Today, March 1

Good evening. It's been a busy few hours.

We had the scoop on today's biggest story, which involved a man in mental health crisis who set himself on fire at UC Berkeley.

We updated the story repeatedly as we collected new information, so be sure to see the link below for the latest version.

Special thanks to photographer David Yee as well as reader Allen Barth, who shared key details and photographs from the scene.

Also, just published: A driver in a stolen car who ran a stop sign in front of a Berkeley police officer ended up crashing into two vehicles and evading capture Wednesday, authorities say. The man had found the car in Berkeley with its engine running and took it.

We're keeping this intro even shorter than usual because we're about to jump on a call about some significant news that came in today. Stay tuned and stay safe.

Today's news

BREAKING: Man set himself on fire on UC Berkeley campus
The man, who was estimated to be in his 20s, sustained critical injuries. A female bystander who tried to help him sustained minor injuries.
Man in stolen car fleeing cop in Berkeley crashes, escapes
Police said the man was driving a Honda Accord that he had stolen when he found it in Berkeley with the engine running.
Gun used in mid-day catalytic converter theft in Berkeley
There have been 134 catalytic converter thefts in Berkeley already this year, which appears to be keeping pace with last year when there were 845.
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