The Scanner Today, Feb. 15

Today we had two scoops, although we won't be surprised if other media pick up one or both stories.

We're usually first on Berkeley public safety news because of our deep community sources, including readers just like you (to whom we are indebted!).

Currently jamming on stories for tomorrow along with other reporting, so we'll keep this short.

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Today's news

Man knocks out UC Berkeley student, 18, in unprovoked attack
According to police, the assailant punched the student from behind, sending him flying onto the sidewalk and knocking him unconscious.
More than $19M in illegal cannabis seized in Berkeley raid
Authorities seized nearly 12,000 pounds of cannabis last week from a “heavily fortified” warehouse in West Berkeley.

In case you missed it

Berkeley cyclists, officials condemn to ‘dooring’ attacks
“This was the first time anything like this has happened to me in nine years biking in Berkeley,” said Watson Ladd. “It was pretty shocking.”
Group of 7, ages 12-18, robs Berkeley Walgreens via knife
When a store clerk confronted the group, one of its members threatened the clerk with a knife, according to the Berkeley Police Department.

Around the web

Berkeleyside got into the water quality issues at Aquatic Park.

Leopard sharks and bat rays are dying in Berkeley’s Aquatic Park
Leopard shark and bat ray die-offs tend to happen after heavy rains, though experts aren’t sure exactly why.

In other news

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