TBS Today, May 23

Today's stories are hot off the presses.

  • A man who stole cash, jewelry and a Rolex watch from a home in northwest Berkeley over the weekend was arrested days later after stealing a car in Albany, authorities report.
  • A man who stole more than $4,000 in jackets from the Berkeley REI this week has been charged with multiple felonies, according to court papers.
BPD: Berkeley home burglar caught after Albany car theft
Police say Diamond Harris was found with a Rolex and cash he’d taken during the burglary when he was arrested.

We also had the scoop on last night's major power outage at UC Berkeley. Surprisingly, we didn't see anyone else covering the outage last night.

UC has now identified the outage cause as "spontaneous equipment failure" and is working to learn more.

UPDATE: Electricity restored after UC Berkeley power outage
Community members said a Berkeley Lab substation transformer blew, but Cal has not confirmed that information.

Also today: BPD is also looking for the owner of a lost pig.

Speaking of pets, mark your calendar for the 10th anniversary of Pints for Paws on June 1. The Scanner is a sponsor of the event, which is organized by Berkeley Humane. Get tickets online.

In case you missed it

Pizza delivery driver carjacked in Berkeley
As the driver returned to his car, a stranger ran up to it and jumped in the driver’s seat, police said.
The Gene Ransom I knew: More than a basketball player
Ransom’s former partner, Paula Gerstenblatt, wrote this remembrance in 2022. TBS has published it along with an update about the case.

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