TBS Today, March 27

An Alameda County Superior Court judge has just denied a DA's office motion to reduce the charges in the double murder case against former sheriff's deputy Devin Williams.

Prosecutor Ted McGarvey told the judge at the start of the hearing Wednesday that, "Per the instructions I received from our administration, I would move the court to strike the alleged enhancements and the special circumstance allegations."

Judge Delucchi said he was denying the motion, "given the age of the case … and how many court appearances there have been even under the new administration," because it was so sudden.

The DA's office can still file an amended complaint with reduced charges later.

Here's what we know.

Judge denies DA motion to reduce charges in murder case
The prosecutor asked to reduce the charges “per the instructions I received from our administration.”

We also had the scoop last night about a shooting that sent a teenage boy to the hospital.

Berkeley has now had 10 shootings in 2024 with five people wounded.

Teen boy shot in Berkeley, police investigation underway
The 13-year-old boy happened to be outside and was shot in the leg. He was rushed to the hospital and is expected to survive, police said.

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