TBS Today, Jan. 18

The campaign working to recall DA Pamela Price plans to submit 110,000 signatures to Alameda County — and already has more than enough signatures to qualify for the ballot, organizers said Thursday.

The campaign says it has more than 80,000 signatures and is still collecting names. Organizers say they want to ensure they have a sufficient cushion so there's no risk of falling short.

Here's the latest on the recall.

Price recall campaign says it aims to submit 110K signatures
“They have five business days to give us a clearer guideline on what they plan on doing,” said Brenda Grisham. “They have to figure it out.”

Please note: We originally wrote that the campaign already had 110,000 signatures, which was due to a misreading of today's campaign statement.

The campaign quickly flagged us on the error and we updated the story immediately. As per our corrections policy, we also added a correction to the article.

We always want to be transparent when we get things wrong.

We absolutely hate when that happens — but we pledge to let you know when it does, along with making sure the error is fixed as quickly as possible.

In other news: UCPD sex crime alert

UCPD put out an alert today about a report of a sex crime in student housing.

The alert was brief: "On January, 11th a sexual assault occurred in an on-campus student housing building. This incident was recently reported to the university as part of a pattern of two nonstranger sexual assaults. Due to the nature of these cases, the university is unable to provide further details at this time."

We asked UCPD for more details and they let us know they had nothing they could share because the information was not reported to UCPD.

There are other campus staffers who are mandated reporters, and it sounds like that's how this alert came about.

As a result, we do not know where these incidents occurred, the nature of the sex crimes or any other information we can share.

We have asked UC Berkeley officials if they have any other available details and will report back if they do.

In other news

If you saw a Citizen alert today about a reported structure fire on Ashby Avenue, it turns out it was just food on the stove.

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