News alert: Drive-by shooting report at Fourth, University

A man was taken to the hospital Tuesday night in what he described as a drive-by shooting in West Berkeley, authorities report.

If the preliminary details turn out to be true, it will be Berkeley's second injury shooting of the year.

This is a developing story, but here's what we know.

Berkeley police investigate report of man shot in drive-by
If the preliminary details turn out to be true, it will be Berkeley’s second injury shooting of the year.

DA'S OFFICE SCUTTLEBUTT We’re hearing that the Alameda County DA's office has just paid thousands of dollars in bar fees for attorneys who left or were put on admin leave after Pamela Price was elected.

That includes her 2022 opponent, Terry Wiley, and Butch Ford, whom she's charged with misconduct.

California State Bar fees are currently $510 a pop. We've just asked the Alameda County DA's office for comment and will share what we learn.

In other news

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