TBS Today, Dec. 22

Today's news is a dispatch from Albany — just a stone's throw from the Berkeley border.

We got inquiries from several readers this morning about a break-in at the Albany CVS. One of them helped us connect with a witness who saw much of what unfolded.

Here's her story.

Burglars escape after ramming Albany CVS to steal ATM
“Everybody said they were shocked that it’s happening in Albany — but the whole country seems to be turning upside down,” one witness said.

Have we told you lately that Scanner readers are THE BEST?

Lest you think we're straying from our mission: We've also checked with BPD today and were assured that nothing major has otherwise been happening in the city.

We did get word, thanks to a reader tip, that at least seven vehicles had their rear windows shot out with a BB gun in the 700 block of Santa Barbara earlier this week.

The reader told us this happened Thursday, between approximately 1 a.m. and 5 a.m.

That's all we know about that right now, but BPD said that kind of vandalism isn't exceedingly uncommon.

We also asked BPD about a reader report about a loud explosion today at about 2 a.m. that vibrated windows in the Elmwood and Rockridge neighborhoods.

But neither BPD nor OPD had any information in their logs.

Another reader asked us about police activity that closed traffic in both directions on Stadium Rim Way earlier this week. BPD had no info and we haven't gotten to ask UCPD yet. Lots of folks are offline already for the holiday weekend.

As for us, we're around this weekend in case anything major happens but will mostly be focused on catching up on other work — and catching up with friends.

And, if we're lucky, tracking down some eggnog cocktails. Let us know if you have any recommendations on that front!

Sending our best to everyone this holiday weekend.

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