TBS Today, July 27

A Berkeley High School Mountain Bike Team member was bikejacked while riding near Tilden Park Golf Course on Wednesday morning.

Word of the bikejacking spread through the Berkeley cycling community in the hours that followed. Several people alerted The Scanner to what happened and asked us to find out more.

Here's what we learned.

Berkeley High mountain biker bikejacked in Tilden park
The student was riding near the Tilden golf course parking lot when a black Camry cut him off. Two people in masks ordered him off his bike.

We're prepping for tonight's meeting with Pamela Price.

At this point, it's unclear whether folks from outside the neighborhood will be allowed to attend. It sounds like there may be space and parking constraints.

Here's the latest info we've seen from the organizers.

Also, Berkeley had an earthquake early this morning that most people did not seem to feel. Still: It's not a bad idea to check your kits and disaster plans.

Magnitude 2.6 earthquake hits Berkeley early Thursday
It was the biggest East Bay quake recorded since April, according to the USGS. Learn how you can prepare for disasters.

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