TBS Today, June 8

Our main story today is an analysis of what the new charges in the Jasper Wu murder case mean for the defendants.

If they are one day convicted, sentencing will be affected in this case by California's youth offender law and also the Three Strikes law.

We spoke to experts to understand what it all means. And we also explain how Pamela Price's prepared statement about the case didn't fully add up.

It's a story you won't find anywhere else.

Jasper Wu murder suspects now face less time, DA decides
Both men will still face lengthy prison sentences if they are convicted. But, after Pamela Price’s review, they will be eligible for parole within 25 years.

Last night we watched the Police Accountability Board meeting and heard about a recent arrest that had escaped our notice.

We found it interesting and hope you will too.

BPD: Catalytic converter thief dumps car, reports it stolen
The thief fled in his vehicle but eventually ditched it and ran. Police impounded the car and found four catalytic converters inside, BPD said.

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Parolee charged with sexual battery of Berkeley shop clerk
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Berkeley looks to reimagine its outdated dispatch center
Proposed changes to Berkeley’s dispatch center would add annual staffing costs of $3 million. The current annual budget is about $6.5 million.
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