TBS Today, June 5

A teenager who murdered a 30-year-old newlywed in a case of road rage, and was linked to the killings of two young brothers from Berkeley just 13 days later, has recently been sentenced to seven years in juvenile hall, according to authorities and court papers.

Sergio Morales-Jacquez was never charged with the murders of Angel and Jazy Sotelo Garcia at a birthday party in North Oakland — but he was identified by witnesses as one of three teenagers implicated in their deaths, according to court papers.

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Man, 18, gets 7 years in juvie despite ties to 3 murder cases
Sergio Morales-Jacquez was never charged with killing Jazy and Angel Sotelo Garcia — but he was identified as one of three teens who shot them.

We also heard about an incident over the weekend in which a shop owner was punched while confronting an alleged shoplifter.

Berkeley police: Woman arrested after punching shop owner
Police say Jeamillah Snell, who was known to the business owner from prior incidents, tried to take items from Siamese Dream in the Elmwood.

Also, a quick mea culpa: Last week we let you know about the Alameda County judge who was robbed near the main Oakland courthouse.

At one point in our last newsletter, we inadvertently wrote "Berkeley" in relation to that crime — apologies for that. We blame some combination of muscle memory and a case of the Fridays.

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Northwest Berkeley DUI crash sends 1 to jail, 1 to hospital
The collision, at Ninth Street and Hearst Avenue, happened just before 5 a.m. and woke the neighbors, a local resident said.

On the subject of traffic safety, we did report last week that injury crashes were down in the first quarter of 2023.

Given all the collision stories we've had in the past month or two, we won't be surprised if the data show that these collisions went up in the second quarter.

Stay tuned: It takes a few months to see the new stats.

Injury crashes down 33% in Berkeley in first quarter of 2023
Berkeley had 104 injury collisions over the first three months of the year. Of those injury crashes, 19 involved pedestrians and 14 involved cyclists.
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