TBS Today, April 27

Just got out of court on the Jasper Wu case. So far there have been a lot of separate pieces of evidence and testimony but no overarching picture.

A lot of reporters covered the first day of the hearing but since then it's mostly just been The Berkeley Scanner in attendance.

Testimony resumes Monday and may begin to provide a more cohesive view.

During the lunch break, we got some additional details from BPD about a brief Nixle alert this morning that described how catalytic converter thieves with guns had confronted a Berkeley resident out for a dog walk.

One of the men had a rifle and the other had a handgun, BPD said. They fled in a white Maserati SUV.

Armed catalytic converter thieves confront Berkeley man
One of the men brandished a rifle at the resident and the other pulled out a handgun, Berkeley police said.

Our story includes the latest stats on catalytic converter thefts in Berkeley.

We started the day with a story focused on the newest section of BPD's Transparency Hub, which is all about traffic safety.

Explore Berkeley traffic data on the BPD Transparency Hub
The new traffic data joins other interactive pages on the Transparency Hub about crime, police stops, calls for service, uses of force and trends.

We offered our assessment on the good, the bad and the ugly and will keep working to make sure you know about all the best resources for Berkeley crime and safety stats as part of our public service mission.

There's definitely a lot there to unpack as far as the traffic data and the Transparency Hub in general.

We're also working on a BPD sex crimes story as well as an attempt by a local law firm to remove the DA's office from a manslaughter case involving a police shooting in San Leandro.

That story has been in the headlines already this week, but we'll take our own look. Here's a sneak peek at the law firm's arguments, which are set to go before a judge in mid-May.

We'll have more details soon and will definitely cover that hearing.

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