TBS Today, April 26

We've mostly been tied up in court this week on the Jasper Wu case as well as a different case out at juvenile hall.

More on both of those in the coming weeks. It sounds like the Jasper Wu preliminary hearing may take another week, which is longer than originally anticipated.

Today we heard from experts on DNA and firearms as well as a detective from Concord who was describing a different shooting the prosecution says will help provide the basis for alleged gang activity by two of the defendants.

Our story today is focused on a shooting last year that left a 17-year-old with a gunshot wound to the neck. (He survived.)

The shooting was related to "trash talk" that stemmed from PlayStation video gaming online, BPD wrote in court papers that recently became available.

Man, 20, charged with shooting in Berkeley over video gaming
In court papers, police identified Leaindre Cox as a rap musician associated with the Baba gang in Berkeley.

Tonight we're monitoring the Police Accountability Board.

Police just shared news at the meeting about an attempted shooting last week at Wheeler and Ashby — someone shot at a person in a car Friday night but did not hit them. We're seeking additional details.

They also talked about police staffing, including the city's recent move to fewer beats: "The bottom line is less cops on the street," BPD says.

We shared the news today on Twitter that another veteran prosecutor has left the Alameda County DA's office: In her resignation letter, Danielle Hilton wrote that Pamela Price's directives "lead to the very type of inequities and disparate treatment that you were elected to combat."

We shared the letter on Twitter.

Of the 135 or so prosecutors at the office, more than two dozen have left since the November election; six others were put on paid leave and are still awaiting their Skelly hearings.

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