TBS Today, April 20

Former Berkeley Police Officer Corey Shedoudy intentionally ran into a car while on bike patrol in 2020 and his subsequent termination was justified, an independent arbitrator has found.

The city argued that Corey Shedoudy's shifting stories about the day of the crash were "illogical and destroy his credibility."

We've been asking the city for updates and records about Shedoudy's termination and have the news first.

Also published today: A first-person account from Nancy Bickel about being robbed in North Berkeley. She somehow managed to find a silver lining in the experience.

Today's news

Berkeley cop staged bike crash and lied about it, city says
The city argued that Corey Shedoudy’s shifting stories about the day of the crash were “illogical and destroy his credibility.”
Lost and found: Woman, 82, on being robbed in Berkeley
Nancy Bickel was waiting outside for a friend on a recent morning when two young men pulled over and took her purse. This is her first-person account.

In case you missed it

DA asks to move ‘Angel and Jazy’ murder case to adult court
The defense said it learned about the DA’s motion for the first time Tuesday in open court.
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