The Scanner Today, Feb. 22

We may be heading into a sick day or two so we'll keep this short. It's been a busy week in Berkeley crime! Ran around chasing a few stories last night.

Tonight, health allowing, we'll be checking in on the Police Accountability Board to see what it's up to.

We've missed the last two meetings so we're interested to see what's on the agenda.

Also, for those who may be interested, the board currently has vacancies. Contact PAB for details. This appears to be the application form.

We had a big win this week in terms of visibility: Our stories are now being shared in the NewsBreak, in addition to Flipboard, SmartNews and Google News.

Our traffic, already strong, has continued to grow each month. Can't tell you how heartening that is to see.

The latest news

BPD: Naked man high on meth arrested at Berkeley McDonald’s
The man went into the kitchen and yelled at terrified employees who fled in fear as he sprayed them with a fire extinguisher, BPD said.
Berkeley police investigate carjacking on Ellis Street
Several people in masks who claimed to have a gun took a white Mercedes-Benz E 450 from its owner at 9:50 p.m.
Robbery crew evades capture despite Berkeley police search
The crew appears to have a particular approach, the Berkeley Police Department said, violently assaulting victims before robbing them.

In case you missed it

UC Berkeley student charged with sorority house rape
The woman’s screams for help alerted her sorority sisters, who called police and held the man down until officers arrived, according to court papers.
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