TBS Today, June 11

We were out of town today attending a court hearing we'll tell you about tomorrow.

In the meantime, we've just published a short story about two arrests readers asked about last week.

Indecent exposure charges after downtown Berkeley disturbance
Officers made a separate arrest downtown at the same time after noticing a man who was wanted in connection with burglary and assault.

Nothing earth-shattering, but it was kind of a classic morning in Berkeley. And readers did ask, so we wanted to follow up.

We tried to watch a press conference this afternoon by DA Pamela Price — but it turned out the DA's audio wasn't working.

As a result, there was no sound, which several of us off-site reporters commiserated about as we tried to alert the DA's office and confirm we weren't doing something wrong ourselves.

Price has since posted a video with sound, but we won't be able to review it until a bit later. If you're champing at the bit, here's the YouTube link. But there's a fair amount of context (from the recall campaign and, it sounds like the Alameda County Sheriff's Office), which we want to review before writing anything up.

Writing on YouTube, the DA's office described the the video as follows: "Hear DA Price's full statement regarding gun violence, her response to the Alameda County sheriff's concerns about charging, her perspective on a letter demanding that she terminate an employee, and more..."

We'll absolutely be reviewing it and all related materials from other sources.

In case you missed it

Driver who killed pedestrian gets probation, GPS tracker
Barry Bull, then 65, had alcohol in his system when he hit Vincent Koehler in the crosswalk at San Pablo Avenue and Oregon Street in 2021.
Police investigate gunfire, report of fight near UC Berkeley
UC Berkeley’s ShotSpotter system picked up a single gunshot in the 2400 block of Durant Avenue at about 1:50 a.m. Sunday.

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