TBS Today, Dec. 27

Here's hoping everyone has had a restful, restorative few days.

We've been taking it a bit easy and focusing on some administrative tasks as the year winds down.

Today's story is an update related to a couple of our recent articles.

If you're a very close reader of The Scanner, you may recall the name Dylan McMillian from a month or so ago.

He and associate Quran Mabon were linked to several Berkeley robberies this year.

Mabon was arrested and charged in September after a high-profile Piedmont carjacking where a baby was in the back seat.

McMillian was charged at the same time, in relation to the Berkeley cases, but was never arrested because detectives were unable to find him.

That changed Thursday.

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Berkeley robbery suspect facing new charges after car theft
Dylan McMillian had already been charged with several Berkeley robberies — but he had never been arrested. That changed Thursday.

After publication, we spoke briefly to robbery victim Claire Schooley, 80, who told us she has two MRIs planned, for continuing pain in her ribs and knee, following last week's mugging.

In spite of it all, Schooley, a 40-year resident of Berkeley who hails from Boston, seems to be keeping her spirits up.

She and her niece were on their way to dinner on College Avenue when the robbery happened last week.

She told us she had been particularly moved when a restaurant patron anonymously bought them dinner after her purse was stolen.

She didn't get the patron's name but she said she wished she had done so.

In case you missed it

Burglars escape after ramming Albany CVS to steal ATM
“Everybody said they were shocked that it’s happening in Albany — but the whole country seems to be turning upside down,” one witness said.

We also got word that a small protest is planned Thursday in Albany at 11 a.m., outside the CVS at 1328 Solano Ave., by folks supporting the effort to recall Pamela Price who are concerned about rising East Bay crime.

We may be in court but, if not, we may stop by.

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