TBS Today, Dec. 6

We spent Tuesday night at the Berkeley City Council meeting planning to hear about traffic safety and the city's effort to reimagine policing.

But, due to a massive public turnout, the meeting was largely focused on public comments supporting a ceasefire in Gaza, which was not on the agenda.

So far, the Berkeley City Council has not taken a position.

We posted a number of tweets but, unfortunately, it looks like you can only see them if you have an X account.

Here are just a few. For a better rendering (including the option to view our videos), make sure to click the "view in browser" option at the top of the newsletter.

Despite the drawbacks, X is still the best place, by far, to reach the most people. We're hoping to post elsewhere as well, time allowing, but that hasn't happened yet.

Neither action item on the agenda ultimately happened.

The traffic item (Item 12) was moved to consent and the reimagining policing item (Item 13) was postponed. We're not sure when it will be back.

The next Berkeley City Council meeting is set for next Tuesday and it may be similar to what we saw last night.

Some members of the public have been calling for a special meeting on the ceasefire issue but whether it will happen remains an open question.

Speaking of X, we also shared a quick note Tuesday about gunfire on Piedmont Avenue in North Oakland.

First Amendment update

On Tuesday we spoke to someone from the U.S. Press Freedom Tracker who got in touch about what's been going on this past week.

They keep a close eye on issues like these and plan to write about it.

We're also continuing to pursue our own questions with the Alameda County DA's office and may have updates for you soon.

Other than letting us know we're back on the press list (which we seem to be, for now), they have not answered any of our questions.

We won't stop asking.

Today's news

Berkeley shooting investigation sees man, woman arrested
BPD seized an AR-15-style ghost gun and numerous high-capacity magazines during an investigation into a non-injury shooting Monday.
Berkeley shootings in 2023: The definitive gunfire map
As of Dec. 6, Berkeley has had 34 shootings in 2023 with seven people wounded. BPD also had two fatal police shootings.

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