TBS Today, June 7

Today we have a deep dive into Berkeley's 911 dispatch center.

A recent analysis found it would need to nearly double its staffing, bringing the annual budget from about $6.5 million to $9.5 million.

The analysis also found a "workplace culture that is suffering" due to chronic short staffing and a number of other issues.

In recent years, the city of Berkeley has had about 60,000 police calls for service along with more than 9,000 medical calls and about 5,500 fire calls annually, the analysis found.

The recommendations, which will be considered by the City Council at a later date, would mean huge changes for the city's comm center.

Don't miss our exclusive deep dive.

Berkeley looks to reimagine its outdated dispatch center
Proposed changes to Berkeley’s dispatch center would add annual staffing costs of $3 million. The current annual budget is about $6.5 million.
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