The Scanner Today, Feb. 7

Tonight we bring you one of our deepest dives to date: A look at new Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price's first month in office.

It was a challenging story to do in part because Price has declined to talk about the biggest decisions she's made — and she's directed people in the office not to discuss them with the media either.

We will continue to follow the district attorney's office closely and are very interested in all the changes that may be coming down the line.

What has new Alameda County DA Pamela Price done so far?
Pamela Price has declined to talk about her biggest decisions, citing confidentiality around pending investigations and personnel matters.

Price won her seat with 53% of the vote and says she sees the win as a mandate from Alameda County.

But many people who work for her say they are still unclear about her plans and what will happen next.

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