The Berkeley Scanner shooting and gunfire map for 2022

Three people were killed and 16 wounded in shootings in Berkeley in 2022, making it much more violent than the prior year.

The Berkeley Scanner shooting and gunfire map for 2022
Scroll down for an interactive map of shootings in Berkeley in 2022. Large markers indicate shootings with victims, while small ones show calls where no one was hurt. The Berkeley Scanner/Google Maps

Berkeley had 57 shootings and confirmed gunfire reports in 2022.

The Berkeley Scanner created this comprehensive interactive Google Map to help you stay informed about shootings throughout the city and in your neighborhood.

In 2022, three people were killed and 16 people were wounded in shootings in Berkeley.

The Berkeley Scanner updated this map and article when new shootings and gunfire took place. The interactive map appears below.

There are three types of markers on the map: Large red markers show homicides, large black markers show shootings where at least one person was wounded, and small orange markers show confirmed gunfire calls where no one was hurt.

When police are unable to locate a victim, they generally consider a gunfire report to have been confirmed when they find other evidence at the scene, such as bullet casings or property damage.

Click each marker to find basic information about the shooting or gunfire report, as well as a link to more reporting if a story was published about that incident.

The map also shows the Berkeley City Council district where each shooting happened. New in 2022: Click anywhere within the council boundaries to find City Council office details and contact information.

Click the rectangle in the upper left corner of the map to show or hide a list of all the shootings. Click the rectangle in the upper right corner to view the map on Google Maps. Pro tip: The map is a bit easier to navigate on a laptop or desktop than on mobile devices.

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While Berkeley itself has no gunfire detection system, other nearby law enforcement agencies, including the Oakland Police Department and the University of California Police Department, use these systems to determine whether there was actual gunfire — versus something like fireworks or another type of explosion — and where the shooting was located.

Those systems at times provide useful information about shootings in Berkeley.

Berkeley shootings killed and wounded more people in 2022

Berkeley had about the same number of shootings this year as it had last year, but 2022 was much more violent.

Berkeley had 52 gunfire calls in 2021. None were fatal. Seven people were wounded.

Police ask anyone with information to share about gunfire and shootings in Berkeley to call BPD’s homicide unit at 510-981-5741. In an emergency, always call 911.

Please note: Information on The Berkeley Scanner's shooting map from incidents prior to September is largely drawn from, and links to, this reporter's work at Berkeleyside. All of the map summaries have been closely reviewed and updated for clarity. Case updates have also been added if they are available.

Shootings in Berkeley, 2022 - Google My Maps
The Berkeley Scanner has published a definitive new gunfire map to show all of the shootings and gunfire in Berkeley in 2022. Information prior to September is largely drawn from, and links to, this reporter’s work at Berkeleyside. Read more on The Berkeley Scanner:

View a larger version of The Berkeley Scanner's 2022 shooting and gunfire map on Google Maps.

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